Simple and awesome
way to track your routes

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Simple and awesome
way to track your routes

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Track your
routes everywhere

Want to know how far you're school or work is from home, or you're on a bike trip and want to track your route? (Or just want to track everything)
Than this app is for you. With Sabminder, you can record your path from A to B, even in the background so you can do other stuff while the app is taking care of your path.

Don't forget

You can do a lot of things with your hand and fingers. Besides holding the phone and tapping on buttons you can also do swipes on different views, like list rows.
In the Sabminder app we added horizontal swipes to select and delete routes. Swipe left to delete a row and right to select.

Export and see
your route later

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This app didn't come from a unique idea nor a startup or huge company. This app was made by Szabolcs Sztányi creator of, iOS Developer, UX and UI designer from Hungary.

Get the source

If you want to know how an app like this is set up, how the code works, and what to do to display the route or export, than you should check out our new site, because the source code of this app will be available soon (in April 2014).


Berlin, Germany
(Previously Budapest, Hungary)

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